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Sustainable Ag: Better for Crops & Environment
Anyone who actively gets their hands dirty in the soil knows the value of caring for the Earth — but a desire for agricultural stewardship doesn’t always translate to sustainability.
Remember Your Roots: Underground Influences for Healthy Plants
But the most important part of the plant in terms of its overall health and vitality cannot be seen. We’re talking about the complex system of roots that extend below the surface of the Earth.
Super Soil: How to Get a Garden Growing
Think of your soil as the foundation of a house. Without ensuring your house’s foundation is sturdy, you won’t be able to build much. If your soil doesn’t have balanced acidity levels, organic content, and the right texture, you aren’t going to get much from your garden, either.
Bacteria: A Friend to the Gut and the Garden
If you’re trying to stop the spread of a virus, washing your hands helps. But if you want to really protect your health, you may want to think twice about soap labeled antibacterial.
Compost Tea 101

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small plot in your side yard or acres under commercial production, farmers and gardeners want to maximize the yield of whatever is growing. That’s why many people integrate compost tea as an addition to their growth plan.