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Impello Biosciences helps horticulturists and plants reach new heights with next-generation plant biostimulants.


Carefully selected blends of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPRs) to improve root development, plant yield, and more.


Improve crop tolerance to abiotic stress and enhance overall crop nutrition while supporting the function of beneficial microbes.


Biostimulating organic nutrients for superior yield and flower quality.

Growing at scale is challenging.

we've been there before.

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Growing at home isn't always easy either.

Plants require love

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What they are saying


“I use a few multi-microbe products, and they all contain a few bacillus, but none have ever made my roots do that over night. The most noticeable and intense results from a single product i’ve ever used.”

Kord Tagley
Greengenes Garden / Pacific Light Concepts

“No other brand of microbial inoculant has given me the stem vigor, plant growth, and root growth like Tribus microbes. One week of Tribus and the entire facility is now a believer. Hands down the best microbial inoculant on the market.”

Nelson J
Los Angeles, CA

“With other microbial products, I wasn’t sure if they were helping at all. Tribus changed all that when I observed plant growth like never before. I’ll never grow without it.”

Hunter Konchan
Director Of Farm Operations / Functional Remedies

“Bacteria are a crucial part of any grower success, Tribus microbes facilitate a dialed in solution of rhizobacteria in spore form. Our facility has noticed an immediate change in the color of the foliage and uptake thanks to this amazing product."


“From cut to root, only 9 days with tribus original! Tribus makes my plants stronger, healthier, and grow faster than ever!"

Matt Ritter

“During our 2019 growing season, we have implemented the Tribus microbes from Impello biosciences in our nutrient and watering regimens. Tribus, added to our soil via drip irrigation directly above the root systems, have allowed our plants to thrive without ever drying out...The microbes have been thriving off of the moisture and kept our plants uptaking the nutrients in our soil without root rot. I would strongly recommend these microbes to any organic farm or horticulture program.”

Ari Hellend