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Stabilized Monosilicic Acid

Silicon is an underappreciated nutrient that is critical to thriving and yielding plants. Dune's unique silicic acid (Si(OH)4) liquid formulation is instantly plant-available and easy to apply both as a foliar spray or as part of a typical fertigation strategy.

Often left out of traditional liquid biofertilizers, this highly available form of silicon means greater and more immediate benefits to plants, and the stable formula won't clog up irrigation systems which means fewer headaches for the grower.

Contains: 7.53% monosilicic acid and 2.2% soluble silicon


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How it works

1. Apply Dune as a foliar or root drench.

2. The monosilicic acid is immediately available for plant uptake via root or other plant tissues.

3. When plants have higher concentrations of silicon in their tissues, they are stronger, more upright, and more resistant to breakage. They are also more tolerant of biotic stressors like herbivores and pathogens, and more resistant to abiotic stressors like chemical pesticides and climate variation.

Grapes and Dune


Soluble Silicon (Si) from monosilicic acid............2.2%

*Note: Orthosilicic acid (OSA) is chemically synonymous with monosilicic acid (MSA)



Field:  1.7-3.4 fl. oz. /acre

Indoor, greenhouse, and container: 0.5-1 mL/gal

Apply every 2-4 weeks.

For foliar applications,  concentration matters. Do not use a spray volume of more than 100 gallons per acre.

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