Tundra - Hybrid Fertilizer For Fruit Development & Performance
Tundra - Hybrid Fertilizer For Fruit Development & Performance
Tundra - Hybrid Fertilizer For Fruit Development & Performance
Tundra - Hybrid Fertilizer For Fruit Development & Performance
Tundra - Hybrid Fertilizer For Fruit Development & Performance

Tundra - Hybrid Fertilizer For Fruit Development & Performance

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Tundra™ is a state-of-the-art hybrid fertilizer that combines the best natural and intensive plant inputs into one dynamic biostimulant product. Tundra promotes flower and fruit development and quality in fast-growing specialty crops High levels of phosphorus and potassium provide the crop with critical nutrients to promote flower set and uniform development while Tundra's™ unique biostimulating compounds enhance plant vigor, nutrition, and quality. Tundra™ can be used with beneficial soil microbes and other biostimulants and is compatible with all media types. Its high buffering capacity, near-neutral pH, and entirely soluble composition make Tundra ideal for use both indoors and out in all types of irrigation systems. When used as part of a complete crop nutrition program, Tundra™ will maximize quality and yields while ultimately improving the crop's flavors and fragrance.



  • Significantly Improves Fruit, Flower Development, & Quality Characteristics

  • Can Be Used In Conjunction With All Conventional & Organic Fertilizer Programs

  • Compatible With All Irrigation/Fertigation Systems

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction



 Tundra™ Label


Use & Application

Shake Well! Contents can settle naturally. Apply Tundra one to three times per week in conjunction with a typical fertilization program. Begin using TundraTM at the onset of the flowering cycle and continue use through the flowering/fruiting stage. Discontinue use 1-2 weeks prior to harvest for best results. For use indoors or outdoors with hydroponic, soilless, and soil-based media. Tundra can be tank-mixed with aqueous nutrient solutions and/or applied directly to plant roots at the
recommended rates. TundraTM is non-phytotoxic and compatible with most microbial
inoculants, pesticides, and fungicides when applied at the recommended rates;  however, always confirm compatibility with a jar test and apply to a small section of the crop before mixing and applying large volumes.


Dosage/Application Rate(s)

Tundra promotes crop development and quality while reducing the need for conventional inputs and growth regulators. Tundra should typically be applied as a root drench beginning at the flowering (reproductive) stage of plant growth.
For optimum results, use Tundra at least bi-weekly while plants are flowering and/or fruiting.

Lite: 5mL / Gallon
Recommend: 10mL / Gallon
Heavy: 20mL / Gallon
Lite: 1 gallon / acre
Recommend: 2 gallons / acre
Heavy: 4 gallons / acre



Tundra should always be stored in a cool, dry location in a sealed container. Exposure to high heat and humidity is not recommended. Tundra is shelf-stable for at least 24 months. Information regarding the contents and levels of metals in this product is available on the internet at http://www.aapfco.org/metals.html



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"I use a few multi-microbe products, and they all contain a few bacillus, but none have ever made my roots do that over night. The most noticeable and intense results from a single product I've ever used."

Kord Tagley
Greengenes Garden / Pacific Light Concepts

"With other microbial products, I wasn't sure if they were helæing at all. Tribus changed all that when I observed plant growth like never before. I'll never grow without it."

Hunter Konchan
Director of Farm Operations / Functional Remedies

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