Dune Stabilized Monosilicic Acid
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid - Impello® Biosciences
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid - Impello® Biosciences
Dune™  Stabilized Monosilicic acid - Impello® Biosciences

Dune™ Stabilized Monosilicic acid

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Mono. Ortho. Stabilized. Regardless of what you call it, bioavailable silicic acid promotes plant growth and tolerance to abiotic stress in ways that traditional silica products cannot, resulting in improved crop performance and higher yields.

Instantly plant-available and easy to apply, Dune’s unique silicic acid (Si(OH)4) formula redefines what silicon can do for your plants. Dune’s proprietary formulation provides superior stability to other monosilicic acid products, meaning greater performance in the plant and fewer headaches for the grower. Dune™ provides fast-acting results and long-lasting performance, even when applied at extremely low application rates.

When used correctly, Dune™ will strengthen plant cell walls, promote upright plant stature, and improve resistance to some abiotic stresses. For use as a foliar spray or in conjunction with your normal irrigation regimen. Dune™ is the only choice for the high-performance horticulturalists who demands high-performance inputs without overpaying.

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  • Stable pH reduces polymerization

  • 2.2% Soluble Silicon (Si) (from orthosilicic acid)

  • Improves plant growth and nutrient uptake for greater yield, flavor, color, aroma, and enhances other quality traits 
  • Cost-effective for both commercial and hobby growers
  • Low application rates and low application frequencies 

  • 2-4 year shelf life; shelf life can be increased by adhering to proper storage practices


Soluble Silicon (Si) from orthosilicic acid........................................2.2%

*Note: Orthosilicic acid (OSA) is chemically synonymous with monosilicic acid (MSA)

Indoors, Greenhouse, and/or Containers:

Lite: 0.5 mL / gallon

Recommended: 1 mL / gallon

Heavy: 2 mL / gallon



Lite: 8 fl. oz/acre (240 mL/acre)

Recommended: 13 fl. oz/acre (385 mL/acre)

Heavy: 16 fl. oz/acre (475 mL/acre)

Shake Well Before Use!

Duneis best used as a foliar spray but can also be applied to the root zone. Duneis compatible for use on all crops and is ideal for use on fast-growing annuals and high-value specialty crops. Duneis best applied frequently with low rates to ensure consistent and prolonged coverage in the plant. Duneis compatible with most fertilizers and other crop inputs, but always jar-test first. To prepare a plant-usable solution, fill a tank with 70% desired volume of water, add Dunewhile stirring, then add the final 30% volume of water. User assumes full responsibility to ensure compatibility when tank-mixing with other products. Duneis a supplement and does not replace routine practices; it should be used as part of a standard nutrition program. Over-applying Dunemay result in stunted vertical growth of the plant. Use mixed product right away.

Keep the container tightly closed. Store the product in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Under these conditions, Dune™ is shelf-stable for at least 2 years from the date of manufacture. Do not allow children and unauthorized persons to handle the product. Any spillage should be collected and disposed of per state or federal regulations. Ensure that the product does not leak into water sources or waterways. Dispose in accordance with state and federal regulations. Product has a natural ammoniacal odor.

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