Continuum® Yuma, AZ Lettuce Trial

Spring Lettuce Trial 

Yuma, AZ

(Study conducted by RD4AG, a third-party contract research organization) 

Two rates of Impello’s Continuµm® (1 qt / a and 2 qt / a) were applied as treatments to Lettuce during the Spring of 2022. The treatments were applied 1x per month.

Additionally, negative and positive control groups were also included in the study, which was a  randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 6 replicates.  The negative control was an untreated lettuce block, and a  “growers standard” (Toggle, Acadian® seaweed formulation for the region) was used as the positive control. 

All treatment groups in this study received standard fertilization,  irrigation, and pest control inputs.

Both rates of Continuµm increased the number of boxes harvested per acre, compared to the untreated and positive controls (Fig 1).

Furthermore, we can see that the application of Continuµm also increased the percent of total lettuce stand establishment, compared to the untreated control (Fig 2).

In Figure three, we can see that both Continuµm treatments increased the cultivar compactness of lettuce,  compared to both positive and untreated controls (Fig 3).

Lastly, the higher rate of Continuµm (2qt / a) resulted in the largest amount of pounds of lettuce harvested per acre, compared to the other
treatments (Fig 4.)

Grower ROI
With a 74-105 box per acre increase over the grower standard and a 200+ box per acre increase over the UTC, growers can expect an increase in revenue of $1,400-$4,000 per acre at $20.00/box.

  • 74 X $20 = $1,480 Increase over grower standard
  • 105 X $20 = $2,100 Increase over grower standard
  • 200 X $20 = $4,000 Increase over untreated control