Our Roots

Impello® is an agricultural biostimulant company that develops microbial products, organic fertilizers, and biosolutions to increase crop quality, nutritional density, yields, and vigor.

Our expertise on plant microbiomes and multi-omic analytical techniques gives us a strategic advantage in the rapidly-evolving agricultural input industry.

Biostimulants. Biofertilizers. Biosolutions.

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Continuum™ Microbial Inoculant

Continuµm is a high-performance, co-cultured microbial inoculant that retains potent bioactive metabolites produced by bacteria during their advanced co-fermentation process.


Four carefully chosen species of beneficial bacteria and the nutrient broth they were co-cultured in, full of compounds that are valuable for plant health.

Dune™ Monosilicic Acid

Dune's unique silicic acid(Si(OH)4) formulation is instantly plant-available and easy to apply bothas a foliar spray or as part of a typical fertigation strategy.


A proprietary formulation that provides superior stabilitiy and solubility at 2.2% soluble silicon directly from orthosilicic acid.

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