Bacterial Inoculants are bacterial inputs that promote plant growth and vigor. By introducing beneficial bacteria communities into your root zone - plants will uptake more nutrients and handle abiotic stress more efficiently. Tribus® Microbes & Continuµm are Impello®'s bacterial inoculants.

14% increase
in yield

16% increase
in growth rate

10% reduction
in fertilizer


3 products

3 products

Why Impello?

Impello is a nature inspired and science lead agricultural bio science product and services focused company that employees bacteria and organic fertilisers and supplements to increase plant and crop health, yields, strength and quality on a global scale. We do all of our R&D in house and in partnership with farmers.


Impello Biosciences was founded in 2017 by Michael Key (CEO & President) with the vision that rhizo bacteria can and should play a much bigger role in seed to harvest.