Growing plants isn't easy, but fortunately for you we speak plant. 

Creating something better

Like many professional growers, we knew we needed more tools at our disposal beyond traditional fertilizers, light, and Co2 to get the job done. So we went to work creating a range of biological fertilizers and additives that work for all growers, on any crops, in all programs...

It's easy..

Don't change anything you're currently doing, just add Impello. Our products are easy to use and the best part is you can't "overdo" it with our biostimulants, so growers don't fear making mistakes when implementing Impello. 

Your best harvest is your next harvest

Elevate your growing skills by implementing Impello to your nutrient program. The only thing you'll wonder is how you can outdo yourself next harvest.

Growing Commercially? 

We offer free farm consultations, trial programs, and bulk pricing for those who qualify.

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