Impello Biosciences Partners with Morgan Hill Unified School District to Enhance Student Nutrition Program

Impello Biosciences Partners with Morgan Hill Unified School District to Enhance Student Nutrition Program 

MORGAN HILL, CALIFORNIA — Impello Biosciences is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Morgan Hill Unified School District’s (MHUSD) Student Nutrition Program. MHUSD is integrating Impello’s cutting-edge plant biostimulants into its farm operation, which supplies fresh, sustainably grown produce to the district’s 8,100 students throughout Santa Clara County. 

“We couldn't be more excited to begin our partnership with MHUSD, and to help make a tangible difference in the health and nutrition of their students,” says Michael Key, founder and CEO of Impello Biosciences. “But this relationship goes beyond just supplying produce. We also hope to engage and excite the students — the future generation of farmers — about agriculture and horticulture, which is a core aspect of Impello's mission.” 

By incorporating Impello biostimulants into their farm operations, MHUSD demonstrates a commitment to sustainable growing practices and improved crop performance — advancing the district’s goal of providing its students with the healthiest produce possible. 

“This collaboration highlights our mutual commitment with Impello to promote student well-being. It also showcases a shared vision for fostering an interest in agriculture and sustainability among the future generation,” says Maxim Banuelos, Lead Farmer at MHUSD. “Impello's advanced biostimulants help us boost crop yields, quality, and resilience within our Freight Farms and greenhouses, directly benefiting students with more nutritious and flavorful produce in their free meals provided by MHUSD.” 

The MHUSD Student Nutrition Program is an exemplary model of how school food initiatives can deliver both health benefits and novel learning opportunities for students. Beginning with a single Freight Farm unit and focusing solely on growing produce for the district’s 13 school cafeterias, operations have since expanded to include additional growing facilities and an educational component. Through the FarmTECH program, students learn about sustainable growing practices, agricultural technologies, and the role they can play in shaping the food systems of the future. 

MHUSD is using Continuum™ Impello’s latest microbial inoculant formulation — to enhance the performance, nutrition, and sustainability of their hydroponically grown lettuce, tomato, and cucumber crops.

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