Making Agriculture Better isn't just our tagline - its our purpose. Since our inception, Impello® has focused on farmers - because we are farmers. 

Creating something better

"Impello's first product - Tribus® Original - was developed for large-scale farms needing a microbial input they could scale and rely on for results. Since then, we have continually devoted our resources into developing effective microbial consortiums and other biologics that improve plant growth through various modes of action."

Hand in hand with farmers

"Impello is proud to be at the center of it all - working hand in hand with farmers to offer real-time solutions. The world doesn't need to grow more food; we need to grow better - more nutritionally dense food. And biostimulants play a major role in helping to achieve that." 

Why us?

1. Increase yield
2. Increase nutrient uptake
3. Increase water uptake
4. Increase flower quality via enhanced nutrition
5. Increase plant tolerance to abiotic stress
6. Achieve a higher level of sustainability

7. Improve root structure and development
8. Reduce transplant shock
9. Improve root development of clone stock
10. Improve profitability
11. Reduce nutrient usage
12. Use biologics without causing build-up or clogging up emitters 

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Next-generation plant biostimulants

Impello Biosciences develops next-generation plant bio stimulants that help production farmers increase crop yield, soil conditions, and crop quality by enhancing plant nutrition. As a farmer, dealing with root zone issues or simply just not getting the root development you need is a very real challenge. Our microbial blends significantly improve root development in all medias for improved plant development.

Our biostimulants help ensure transplant success, acclimation, and stability throughout the entire growing cycle so growers can focus more on improving their crop and not risk mitigation. Our plant bio stimulants were specifically designed to work on all crops and in all environments- from the field, to the greenhouse, and everywhere in between.

Impello specializes in the research and development of next-generation biological fertilizers because we understand farmers need a real competitive edge. Plant biostimulants represent a promising new future to help farmers improve the efficiency of their crops in a sustainable way.

At Impello, we're focused on giving farmers the tools they need to meet the agricultural challenges of the 21st century which is why we rigorously test our plant biostimulants on a wide range of crops and environments to ensure results.