Higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorus provide the plant with everything needed for extensive root development and healthy vegetative growth. Allganic nitrogen provides an excellent bioavailable nitrogen source complexed with all essential plant micronutrients. A 2:1 carbon:nitrogen ratio improves growing media quality and encourages greater microbial activity, while a rich complex of amino acids provide a biostimulating effect, boosting plant growth and increasing the plant’s metabolism for greater oil and terpene production.

Innate Grow can be used in coco, peat-lite, soil, and rockwool medias.

Innate Grow may be mixed with other organic and conventional nutrients and microbial inoculants.

For use as a stand-alone fertilizer or as a supplement to any conventional fertilizer program.


Seedling/Clone: 8-15mL/gallon (250-500ppm)
Vegetative Growth: 15-25mL/gallon (500-850ppm)

Adjust quantity and frequency of applications as necessary depending on plant response.


Use 5-20mL/gallon at least once per week, or as frequently as every watering.

Mix in to your current nutrient solution just prior to watering and adjust pH as necessary.

Adjust pH to 5.2-6.5 using pH UP (base) as necessary.


Liquid fish hydrolysate stabilized with phosphoric acid

-Potassium sulfate

-Allganic Nitrogen 15-0-2


For container growing applications, begin with 8mL / gallon every other watering and adjust as needed.

For field applications, begin with 2 gallons / acre and adjust as necessary.

Do not dilute more Innate Grow™ than will be used within 24 hours; maintain circulation for optimum results.

Always test-mix fertilizer solutions on a small scale to ensure compatibility first!

Innate™ Grow: Organic Nutrient for Vegetative Growth

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Innate™ Grow 1 Gallon

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